In 2010, when Maurizio Cossutti and his team were called to design the first IY 10.98 project, they created a unique object in collaboration with Italia Yachts’s team visionary creativity, a mix of sportiness and tradition wrapped in a balance that still continues to be highly sought after in the markets. of all the world. Each new project represents a challenge for us to which Italia Yachts associates the biggest names in naval architecture and Made in Italy design.

For each of our projects, Italia Yachts chooses to surround itself with the best architects and designers to create increasingly unique, innovative and unmistakable boats, so that each new boat is always a new great challenge destined to leave its mark over time.

Mirko Arbore

Interior Designer

Maurizio Cossutti

Architect Yacht Designer

Alessandro Ganz

Naval Engineer

Kristjan Macchiut

Yacht Designer


Emanuele Pillon

Naval Architect

Matteo Polli

Yacht Designer


Tommaso Spadolini

Architect & Designer


Danilo Palumbo

Architect & Interior Designer


Giorgio Pronvinciali

Hydrodinamics and Performance Prediction


Yacht Design & Engineering

The internal design of an Italia Yachts envelops you in a mix of responsibility and pride, because you know you are doing it for a Shipyard that makes quality a fundamental objective, and that starting from its name is an ambassador of made in Italy in the world.

Mirko Arbore

Interior Designer


From the project of 1098 to the last new 1298, an evolutionary path in terms of design and performances; a real team work between ours and that of the yard to create reference objects, unmistakable and above all 100% Italian.

Maurizio Cossutti

Architect Yacht Designer