Il Team

Every shipowner knows that choosing the right boat to sail on is a matter of trust in those who designed and built it.

Only a few shipyards can boast a team of such highly qualified and experienced professionals, where each member is first and foremost a sailor and seafarer, with thousands of miles sailed in all the world's seas.

The Italia Yachts è composto da professionisti che all’esperienza maturata in anni di regate ai massimi livelli (Europei, Mondiali, America’s Cup, Admiral’s Cup) affiancano una approfondita conoscenza delle dinamiche commerciali, produttive e industriali, maturata negli anni presso primari cantieri e industrie meccaniche e aeronautiche internazionali.

All this experience is now at the service of the shipyard, from the design phase, to sea trials and boat setup, to consulting and after-sales support.

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