IY Owners Club is the meeting point for all Italia Yachts boat owners, where they can find the most engaging social events, anywhere in the world, on the occasion of races, rallies, or other initiatives.

The Club aims to bring a true sailing experience to all Italia Yachts owners, in addition to navigation, in addition to regatta, in addition to cruising. We like to think that many pleasant experiences can arise from a community.

Italia Yachts is building a series of partnerships with important brands, in order to offer all members of the IYOC a series of advantages and opportunities, because an Italia Yachts owner never feels alone wherever he is sailing.

Italia Yachts Members

The club benefits have been specially designed for Italia Yachts owners.
A privilege that translates into a series of unique advantages for the owners in their precious free time.


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Do you want to join our Owner's club?

If you are the owner of an Italia Yachts, we are happy to have you in the IYOC with all the initiatives and benefits we offer to our members. Membership is free.