Building & Technology


Attention to the details

Each model meets the aesthetic and construction criteria of the brand and is immediately recognizable as an Italia Yachts.

Many are the solutions adopted with the aim of making the layout of the boat harmonious, ergonomic, performing and at the same time safe and comfortable.

To give just a few examples, the deck equipment is positioned and sized for easy use even with a small crew. The loads on the sheets and winches are carefully studied, as are the points of passage of the running rigging, to leave surfaces free of lines. Storage spaces are generous and emergency equipment is positioned to be used effortlessly. The cockpit is among the largest in its respective length categories, with wide, deep benches and flat, comfortable sunbathing areas. The opening sun deck on the classic stern allows for easy access to the sea as well as easy access to the boat.


Elegant interiors with refined handcrafted finishes.

Italia Yachts quality is also found in the refined interiors, characterized by spacious, bright, and well-ventilated spaces. The rounded corners and the absence of sharp edges, the use of high-quality materials and the handcrafted finishes have become a distinctive signature of the brand. The ergonomics are designed to ensure ideal comfort even while sailing and every aspect is respectful of the rules of the art of sailboat building. The internal doors have curved profiles, the handrails are positioned in all necessary points and each room has different opening skylights environment has several opening skylights to ensure perfect ventilation.

The storage spaces are always abundant and well accessible, obtained in the furniture built with first choice woods worked in horizontal vein. The upholstery can be covered by choosing from a wide range of high-quality fabrics and leathers to give a totally personalized look to your boat.

The elimination of edges allows for improved ergonomics and safety during navigation.