Cassis, IY 11.98, vince ad Antibes

Celebrations are also taking place in France, in Antibes, where Andreas Bauer, with the IY 11.98 Cassis, wins his first race: Antipolis, a long race on a course of approximately 24 hours, organized by the Société des Régates d'Antibes. Cassis firmly holds the first position in its class, Group 1, after passing fifth at the halfway point of the race: the islet of Fourmigue de Bormes les Mimosa. The night is a succession of passages without wind and others with very light breezes. These are situations where you must be alerted to take advantage of everything that comes your way. "At dawn, we see our competitors again. They are not far; we have remained in visual contact. The wind is light but well established from the north. We manage to stay close to the leading group, which consists of only 3 boats. After passing Cap d'Antibes, we strive to keep the gap as small as possible. We cross the finish line in 4th position but with a short distance, enough to win with absolute tranquility," they recount from onboard.

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