Dubbini with Sarchiapone and Vescia with Unpo’pergioco, both on IY 9.98, are the Italian Offshore Sailing Champions.

Gianluigi Dubbini on Sarchiapone and Niki Vescia on Unpopergioco, both on IY 9.98, Win the 2024 Italian Offshore Sailing Championship Gianluigi Dubbini on Sarchiapone and Niki Vescia on splendid days on the deep blue seas of Brindisi, which lifted the spirits of all ten teams Unpopergioco, both competing on IY 9.98 yachts, have clinched the title of Italian Offshore Sailing Champions for 2024. The victories were achieved over the course of eight races held during four participating in the 30th Absolute Italian Offshore Sailing Championship. The competition yielded significant results, with the fleet returning home laden with titles and accolades.In addition to the two national titles, in Group 2, Gianluigi Dubbini and his team also won the Trofeo dei Tre Mari, awarded by the FIV. In the same group, Roberto Di Stefano on IY 9.98 Take Five jr clinched the Trofeo Armatore/Timoniere. The IY 9.98 teams celebrated a remarkable triple on the Group 2 Race/Cruise podium, with the standings as follows: 1. Sarchiapone, 2. Unpopergioco, and 3. Take Five jr by Roberto Di Stefano.In Group 1 Classes 0, A, B, Cruise, Stefano Rusconi’s To Be, IY 11.98, with Ganga Bruni as tactician, secured the second spot on the podium. In Group 1 Classes 0, A, B, Race, it was Sugar 3, IY 11.98 helmed by Ott Kikkas under the Estonian flag, that finished second on the podium. The team, including Italians Paolo Montefusco and Paolo Bucciarelli, achieved a stellar series of first place finishes throughout the competition, albeit not contending for the Italian title. The teams of Italia Yachts amassed an impressive haul of nine trophies, awards, and titles. The memory of the exhilarating races at sea remains, albeit overshadowed by the bitter controversy surrounding the management of the standings, which significantly disadvantaged many teams.

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