Cruising World crowns IY14.98 as the Best Performance Cruiser of 2024.

Italy Yachts 14.98 is the queen in American waters: Andrew Tim Herb, Mark Pillsbury, Herb McCormick, and Tim Murphy awarded it the title of the best Performance Cruiser 2024 in the Cruising World competition. "Tim, you began your notes by saying that the Italian boat gave you one of the most powerful sailing experiences ever in close-hauled conditions, to your memory, and you described it as a sailboat with exemplary performance. It's like having two of them," explains Andrew Parkinson. "In fact, it's a project for an owner who wants to cruise and desires performance and speed. They called it a windward missile." "When I left others at the helm and went below deck, I appreciated the calm, the silence, and relaxed feeling as the boat glided on the water with a gentle rustle, as if on silk," commented Mark Pillsbury. "There is a lot of use of carbon fiber in this boat. The quality is very evident in the overall construction, and the many reinforcements of the carbon fiber structure clearly convey a sense of solidity," notes Tim Murphy. According to Herb McCormick, "this boat went like a rocket and is easily maneuverable. When we got off, we were all amazed at the speed even with little wind." These are all flattering comments for the shipyard, Studio Cossutti, and all those who worked on the design and construction of this boat. "I am obviously satisfied with the reviews from the most authoritative American journalists, and I am pleasantly pleased that they are exactly the same feelings I experience on board my boat. Fast and fun, easy to handle, even for a family. At the same time, very comfortable and enjoyable for spending the whole summer on board," concludes Daniele De Tullio.

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