Italia Yachts in Dubai

"The Dubai International Boat Show was truly interesting for Italia Yachts: even in this second experience, we have seen many more visits, engaging interactions, and initiated negotiations," commented Fabio Pignatelli upon returning from the Emirati trip. "The interest wasn't just for the new IY43 veloce yacht, a product for which we expected interest given the overwhelming preference in this market area, because it's an appealing product with powerful outboard engines and foldable terraces, but also for sailing, particularly for the IY 12.98," continued Pignatelli. Thanks to EGW Sports and Francesco Rocco, important partnerships have been established, such as with the Leisure Marine Association, to promote development and innovation in the leisure boating sector, an objective that is particularly important to Italia Yachts, which represents excellence in the Italian industry and craftsmanship in its lines of sailboats and motorboats.

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